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Oaks and Evergreens

By Shannon Morrow

There once was a forest. In this forest lived oaks and evergreens. The oaks changed with the seasons, while the evergreens grew tall into the air.

The oaks and evergreens loved the sun and loved the rain. The oaks and evergreeens were friends with the birds and friends with the river.

The oaks and evergreens became aware they were different, and they became afraid. The oaks feared they were not as tall as the evergreens, and the evergreens feared they could not change like the oaks.

Out of the East came a crow, and it lived among the evergreens. Out of the West came an owl, and it lived among the oaks.

The crow whispered to the evergreeens, "you are better than the oaks because you are taller." The owl whispered to the oaks, "you are better than the evergreens because you can change."

The evergreens began to dislike the oaks, and the oaks began to dislike evergreens.

Then came a fire. The oaks and evergreens were hurt by the fire, but the fire made the crow and owl fly away.

A mighty rain finally put the fire out, but many oaks and evergreens were destroyed.

The remaining oaks and evergreens were weakened and frail, and they needed each other.

The oaks changed with the seasons and dropped leaves that nourished the evergreens. The evergreens stood tall and protected the oaks from strong winds.

In time, the oaks and evergreens grew strong again together, and they were no longer afraid. The oaks and evergreens became aware that they were one forest.

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