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We begin with a free consultation. Hopefully in person or at least by phone, let us get to know each other. Who or what will I photograph? This can be as simple as scheduling senior portraits or as complex as planning a multi-day expedition. When and where? I like to scout out locations if possible and anticipate the light, weather and other factors. How involved shall I be? You can have me direct a shoot, or I can subtly blend into an event. Once I understand what you want, I can go into our session well prepared.

On the day of the shoot, let's have fun. Yes, it is work to get good images, but photography is a tell-tale medium. If we are enjoying ourselves, the photos will be better. When the camera comes out I am on the clock, but I am a friendly professional and strive to balance business and pleasure. If I am photographing your party, I will enjoy the festivities while watching for photographic moments. If I am photographing your game, I will be rooting for you through the lens. If I am photographing your show, I will be moved by the music and let the photos take themselves.

Once our session is over, I will have hundreds of photos to download and edit. My natural approach to photography produces realistic images, and I continue this style in the digital darkroom. There are one or two minor adjustments I may run images through to polish them up, but I do not go for dramatic effects, which sometime look like the equivalency of too much makeup.

After processing the photos from our session, I put them on a thumb drive and deliver them to you. This gives you ownership of the digital images. You can post, email or print the photos in whatever sizes or quantities you desire. Rather than selling photos, I charge for my time. The rate is $60 an hour with a two-hour minimum, and consultation and delivery are free. Payment is due prior to delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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